Subjective Bias is Kicking Our Asses

Current Events From February That Blew My Mind

(Photo Credit: Dmitry Ratushny from

One thing is for sure, Tucker is a bizarre man parading as a journalist, and anyone who watches FOX for the sake of belief, and not comedic relief or oppositional information gathering is a contrarian. But we’ve known that for long time.

2) What the hell is happening in higher education?

The truth is, Kraus’ denial is not about what he has yet to prove or accomplish.

Tenure is sadly not about quality of work, so much as likability, and how you fit into the ecosystem of that given department at that specific university. Michael Kraus knows that because his work interrogates social inequality his professorship at Yale is even more political than your average scholar. Kraus exposes the shortcomings of society via subjective bias, at a top 10 business school. This is amazing and powerful scholarship. This also makes him a threat to the status quo.

Pictured: Miami Dolphins Head Coach Mike McDaniel (Photo Credit: Sporting News/NFL)

“He doesn’t owe anyone an explanation on his Blackness.”

4) The trucker convoys of Canada



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Chris L. Butler

Black American & Dutch writer living in Canada. Author of 2 chapbooks: ‘Sacrilegious’ and ‘BLERD: ’80s BABY, ’90s KID’. 🇺🇸🇳🇱🇨🇦