Aaron Rodgers Isn’t Kyrie, He’s Worse

At least Irving is honest

Chris L. Butler
3 min readNov 4, 2021

The last two years have been maddening. Science is secondary to YouTube conspiracy theories. The two wings of American government are either docile or blatantly flagrant. Over 5 million people world wide have died from COVID-19.

Somehow the amount of death isn’t enough to dissuade people to believe in common sense. We all know a Kyrie Irving in our personal lives. Someone afraid to “get the jab.” Being afraid or skeptical of the vaccine is normal. It is our duty as vaccinated people to be kind to the people in our lives who feel this way. To love and support them. To encourage them. Attacking them will probably lessen their desire to follow through. I’ve seen this with voting. If you have a conversation with someone and hear them out, they are more likely to give you the same courtesy. I believe this is what the Brooklyn Nets are doing with Kyrie Irving.

It is perfectly fine to have questions, to be concerned. There is research for that. It is not on YouTube or Reddit. It does not come from a rapper’s cousin’s friend. I recommend following the actual science.

Aaron’s choice was disingenuous to his teammates and the Packers staff. Here is a clip of Rodgers claiming he was vaccinated in 4K:

Rodgers is allowed to be unvaccinated. He is allowed to be skeptical. He is also seen as a the team leader, and a role model. I’m on the side of Sir Charles Barkley on the question of whether professional athletes should be role models. We both believe that parents should be role models. I also do not live in fantasy land and understand pro athletes are seen as role models whether they wish to be or not.

The bottom line is, Rodgers lied about immunization. Rodgers did not socially distance from his teammates due to his status. Rodgers is more likely to get COVID-19 and spread it to others due to being unvaccinated. Rodgers will not play against the Chiefs, an important game. Rodgers will not get the same heat as Kyrie Irving either. I wonder why.

Aaron Rodgers plays the most popular sport in America. His dishonesty will be overlooked due to his production on the field. The man who has not won a Super Bowl since I was 20 years old will be given another chance because of his past achievements. Why wasn’t NBA champion and Olympic gold medalist Kyrie given this level of grievance?

I do not agree with Kyrie Irving’s stance, but at least he was honest with his team, and the league. I respect the man who is honest in his foolishness one hundred times more than the man who is fraudulent in a way that could get someone killed.

The reality is, Aaron Rodgers always be given the benefit of the doubt — because he has the ability to lean on white privilege. Remember when the Florida man known as Tom Brady violated lockdowns to throw the pigskin? Kyrie is not white like Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers though. He’s Black and Lakota. The hammer will always be slammed harder on a person of color.

Aaron Rodgers has shown that during a global health crisis, he is not a leader. Leaders are honest. Leaders do not lie in ways that could get someone killed. I guess 5 million deaths, a number amassing the population of Metropolitan Phoenix isn’t enough for him to take this seriously.



Chris L. Butler

Black American & Dutch writer living in Canada. Author of 2 chapbooks: ‘Sacrilegious’ and ‘BLERD: ’80s BABY, ’90s KID’. 🇺🇸🇳🇱🇨🇦