6 Must See Films for the Calgary Black Film Festival 2022

Chris L. Butler
2 min readMay 25, 2022

The 2022 Calgary Black Film Festival is set to hit screens, both in person and at home starting Thursday the 26th of May, and concluding Sunday the 29th. Viewers will experience stories that bring truth to power, rooted in both joy and resilience. This year’s festival is right on time, to kick off the ending of the school year and a great way to kick off summer early. Tickets can be purchased for films individually, as well as an all access virtual pass.If you’re like me, film festivals may be intimidating. It’s hard to know what films to choose, usually because you want to see them all. To ease my own concerns and help you, I’ve done a bit of research. The following films are on my absolute must see list for this year.


Genre: Documentary

Directed by Jenna Bailey, Deborah Dobbins, David Este

Country: Canada

BLACK LIVES IN ALBERTA (2021) is the film I needed and wanted as an African American immigrant to this country. I feel a special connection to the people that came from the U.S. before me, and I am honoured to continue that tradition in the 21st century as a Black permanent resident. No matter what your connection is to this documentary, I recommend bringing tissues.

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